Dec 22, 2006

Bush's 'Global War on Radicals'

George W. Bush is laying the groundwork for a wider war in the Middle East by stretching the parameters of the "global war on terrorism" to add to his enemies list what he calls "radicals and extremists."
The change makes the struggle so amorphous that Bush theoretically could strike at anyone he doesn't like whether there's a credible link to international terrorism or not. The word shift also portends an endless war between the United States and the world's one billion Muslims.
To see the full story about how Bush has expanded the "war on terror," go to at.
We couldn't see this coming? Right!!

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lkc_lai said...

George W. Bush is against the muslim. There is an evident that 911 is not done by terrorism.

Best Regard

Carol said...

There is much evidence pointing to this my Friend! Very sad situation indeed!