Jan 1, 2008

Blogger's for Peace - Hop on the Peace Train

I've been crying lately,
Thinking about the world as it is..
Join the Peace Train:

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It is the start of the New Year. Bush is still in Office, we are still at War.

I can no longer sit idly by without letting the World know that I am opposed to War and can only think of one way to spread this message.
Won't you join me by placing the above in the Sidebar (or somewhere on your Site) to let the world know that we are United against the War and looking for Peace in this the New Year?

Also check this out! World Peace Train

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Ellen said...

Hi Carol,

what a great way to start the New Year. I'd love to join you in your Peace Train, I have one, probably incredibly stupid question (sorry...) though..
Does the picture represent anything in particular (or anyone)?
Blessings to you for a wonderful, and peaceful New Year,


Carol said...

Hi Ellen not a stupid question at all. The picture is of Cat Stevens and his Peace Train you can watch a video here:

RennyBA said...

Happy New Year or: as we say it in Norway: Godt Nytt År!

Great way of starting it and you know my saying:

Make Blogs not Wars! More details in my New Year post.

Ellen said...

Hi Carol,

ahh, thanks for the clarification (and the video!), count me in okay!


Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,

I don't know if you've seen this version of the song. If not, it may be worth your while.

As I said on BlueRibbonBloggers earlier, you can count me in.


Carol said...

Thanks Jos,
I am gonna use this one instead. I don't expect anyone to use the video in their Sidebar though..unless they want to add it to their Blog as I have....

Ellen said...

Hi Carol,

the new logo is up, with a link to this post.
I'll try to blog about it today too, I posted the Dalai Lama's beautiful vision already before, but I'm working on a follow-up on it..

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,

I am sorry, I wasn't suggesting you should use the other version, I just thought it would be nice for you to see/hear it, if you hadn't seen it already :))

I think changing the picture to the logo is a great improvement - it will not only fit better in most blog's themes, as you said, I am sure it will also allow more people to relate to it. Good move!


Carol said...

Thanks Jos,
Nope, I liked the one you showed me better than the one I had originally picked. Glad you like the new logo, it does seem to be more appropriate.
You're the bomb - it looks great and I have added you to the list.
Thanks so much for joining!

Lisa McGlaun said...


How do I join? Just add the widget?


Carol said...

Hi Lisa,
I think you can copy and paste the links it you choose or download the Logo and then upload and place in your sidebar.
Welocme Aboard!

Evan said...

It's hard to believe we are 8 years into the new century, and we still cannot figure out how to have peace in the world.


Carol said...

Digital Nomad,
You'd think we could get it right by now wouldn't you

Dawn said...

I'm aboard!

Carol said...

Welcome Aboard the Peace Train Dawn - you Rock!

Anonymous said...

This is one train I don't want to miss....let me aboard....

Lynda Lehmann said...

Count me in! I'm all for peace, justice, compassion, fair distribution of resources, and corporate accountability. And for saving our earth for ourselves and our offspring.

I would like to see smiling faces on every continent, instead of faces marred by weariness and tears!

suchsimplepleasures said...

hi...i'm here through ellens blog...i'm so joining the peace train! hatred, bigotry, war, prejudice...something has to change! maybe, just maybe, this can be the start!
btw...peace train is one of my all time favorite cat stevens songs!!!

Debbie Dolphin said...

Hi Carol,

Deja Vu? - My comment has been posted in two places.

No doubt, all W.A.R. is caused by Weird Abnormal Religion, Oil, and Politics.

You have my support!

Can we also add our support for CODEPINK: Women For Peace?
Hopefully, an alliance of Blogging Peace Sites will help end this new Vietnam war?

Another Vietnam Era classic War by Edwin Starr seems to be appropriate. Just be careful of the Blogging Booby Traps in the comment crusade at this link!

Thanks to OpenID issues, my true virtual signature link is:

Carol said...

Welcome Aboart to Lynda, Robert, Debbie and such simple pleasures. I am so pleased to have you join us in this effort. Don't forget to put the Logo somewhere on your Sire...

Kim said...

hi Carol
have posted your Peace Train at my laketrees blog...
I have added both my blogs ...if that is OK...
will add the badge and list at PoARTica today....

Carol said...

Hi Kim,
It is more than OK that you have added both sites. I welcome you aboard the "Peace Train".

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,
Count me in!!
Just posted it :)
Have a great day my friend,

HANNA said...

Ciao Carol!
this train for peace
to pass trough Italy?

Carol said...

Welcome Aboard Colin and Hanna.
Thank you so much for joining in with us.
All the way from Italy Hanna - very cool :)

Dinda said...

I support your movement for Peace

Carol said...

Hello Dinda,
Thanks so much for supporting the Peace Train effort. If you would like your Site(s) to be included in the list you will need to place the logo on your sidebar and let me know which site(s) you have placed it on.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! I wish everyone understood peace!!! I would love to be a part of NO MORE WAR PEOPLE, PEACE!!!!! :)

Carol said...

Hey Angela - Welcome 'Aboard'

Janet said...

I will gladly put this on my blog! I think you have a wonderful idea here.

Carol said...

Hi Janet,
Nice to meet you. Welcome Aboard the Peace Train!

The Lone Beader said...


Anonymous said...

Please count me in.
Peace, please!

Carol said...

Hi Suesviews,
Welcome Aboard-Nice to mee you

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,
Hey it's gathering momentum so I've popped over to update my list :)
Have a good day and a wonderful weekend ahead,
Hugs to you,

Jos said...

Woooot! This train is getting HUGE! Great!!! I can hardly keep up copying it :)
My View of "It"Our Hep ChatMy Reviews and Finds Along the WayBeth Allen II Writing 5 to 9 Positive CommunicationNoDirectOn (not: NoDirection)Additional BlogLOveBlue Ribbon BloggersOgenDicht/EyesClosedThe Painted VeilSanta's Community BlogTwisted SisterObservations From the Back 40Lynda LehmannSuch Simple PleasuresNew England Lighthouse TreasuresLifePrints - Good News for a More Compassionate WorldLake TreesPoeARTicaBlogging SueblimelyLifeAmori, poesie, arte, chat virtualiAngela's Art DiaryLavender LoftA to Z BloggingPERIPHERAL VISION - Inner Sights by Lynda LehmannSue's Views

Barbara said...

I got my ticket and hopped on board at my blog! Peace!

Carol said...

Hi Jos and Colin,
It's so awesome to see all that have joined with us but I want more.....
Hi Barbara,
Nice to meet you and welcome aboard the 'Peace Train'

giggles said...

I am all about Peace! Phenomenal plan, can't wait to make a difference! Peace is the only way to live....

" If one mothers child dies, then the war is not worth it" Would you have it be your child? Quote by Happytiler.

I've been riding this train for sometime now, I suppose it's time to buy the ticket!

Will post it to my blog!

Peace Giggles

Anonymous said...

I'm in! Espically that Mr.Bush is in the middle-east! LOL

ndpthepoetress - Jeane Michelle Culp said...

Binding Ink is onboard the Peace Train! Thank You Carol for introducing us to such a worthy cause.

JOY said...

count all my blogs in!!!

Carol said...

Hi Joy,
Welcome Aboard! Nice to meet you.

Poy said...

Hi, I'd like to hopin the peace train!

Carol said...

Hi Poy,
I would love for you to join..could you let me know the URL of your Site so I can add you please and thank you.

1,000 Faces of MotherHenna said...

peace baby peace!!

I'm adding your logo and peace train info to our online art exhibit of peace themed art called "A Peace Of..." and will add this to my personal blog, too, of course!

A jillion zillion miracles to you!

Carol said...

Hey Mother Henna,
Thanks, I can use a jillion zillion miracles! Welcome aboard the Peace Train!

Liza said...

Hi Carol... please count me in. Is it okay to include my other blog?

A Simple Life

Thanks and have a great day.

Carol said...

Hi Liza,
You can add whatever Blogs you like just let me know when you put the Logo on your sidebar and I will gratefully add you to the list.

Philip said...

I have added the symbol and site name to my blog!

Carol said...

Hi Philip,
Nice to meet you. I stopped by your Site and have to tell you that your work is most interesting!
Welcome Aboard and thanks for joining.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol
I have added my Golden-eBooks blog to the list...url http://golden-ebooks.blogspot.com/

Done sidebar too lol,
Have a great day dear friend

Carol said...

Thanks Colin,
You Rock!

atomicvelvetsigh said...

found your link from Angela and now added your button to my 2 blogs. i'll be checking every so often to see if we are 30,000 already!

Irvine's Mom said...

Hi! I support your cause! And for that I have added your links to both of my son's blogs:

irvine in the sky with diamonds and
illustration friday kids

Carol said...

Hi atomicvelvetsigh and Irvine's Mom,
Thanks to both of you for your support and hopping aboard the Peace Train.
Nice to meet you both. I have added your Blogs to my list here on the front page :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,
Just popped over to update my list again....check changes to your a little later lol
Hugs my friend,
Have a good day,

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,

It's Fabulous, a Wonderful Project! Nice video! I agree... and I believe in the power of prayer. Spirituality has positive effect of overall personality of an individual to make the World a better place. We can all over the world to Prayer for Peace. I also believe that there is more power in numbers. If the World lets GOD know their desire for peace, HE will grant it. But HE needs to hear from us and HE needs to know that more of us want peace than war. HE gave us the gift of 'free choice'. To choose GOOD or bad. Jesus Christ is Lord!

I've posted your Peace Train at my Renato d'Oxaguiã Blog. Is it okay on? Please, check it at url http://renatodoxaguia.blogspot.com/2008/01/peace-train.html

Sorry for this late answer. I had fear of not being understood, my english is not very good. It’s only from American Music. I don’t speak and I don’t write in English, but I gave the best one of me and worked hard for this, because your movement for Peace is wounderful. I'm aboard!

Peace and GOD bless!
Your Brazilian Friend,
Renato de Trindade

Anonymous said...

Hi once again Dear Carol,

I already added your The Peace Train logo and link your blog into my blog.

Have a nice day!

Renato de Trindade

Herb Urban said...

Count me in! I will add your logo to my sidebar tonight.

Carol said...

That's great Herb,
Welcome Aboard!

Anonymous said...

Does a video statement work for your project?

Carol said...

Yes Anonymous it sure does!

Sugar Queens Dream said...

I'm joining the peace train, I'm writing my post now....

Kim said...

I am joining the Peace Train!! Now, I am not a smart techie....lol! Please help me figure out how to link the pic to my blog....MANY THANKS!

Carol said...

Gu Jum,
Welcome aboard - looks like you figured it out. If you want the links with the scroll bar I would be happy to email it to you

wifespeak said...

Hi, Carol. I chanced upon your blog and I saw the peace train logo. Count me in. I'm all for peace.

veritas said...

Carol, this is an amazing concept...count me in!!! I have added your logo to my blog. You were already on my blogroll. I have always been a fan of Cat Stevens and also of John Lennon, who wrote the immortal words, "Give Peace A Chance."

Carol said...

Wow Veritas- thanks so much! Welcome aboard the Peace Train.
You are also on my Blogtoll and my Technorati Favs. I really love your Blog and the way you just put yourself out there!

Jos said...

Hi Carol!
I thought you might want to read this...

The Dove said...

Glad I found you, even if I was a little bit late ! - a great idea.

I have added this badge to my blog


Salamat said...

Can I still join the blog roll? I added the badge to my side bar too:)
Wonderful project- that is, and more power!