Jan 17, 2007

As Trial Begins, Cheney’s Ex-Aide Is Still a Puzzle

It was Mr. Libby who helped assemble a dossier on Saddam Hussein and unconventional weapons and ties to Al Qaeda for Secretary of State Colin L. Powell’s speech to the United Nations on Feb. 5, 2003, fighting to keep in the speech evidence that Mr. Powell found questionable. It was Mr. Libby, at Mr. Cheney’s direction, who repeatedly spoke to reporters to rebut Joseph C. Wilson IV after Mr. Wilson, a former ambassador, publicly accused the White House of distorting intelligence.
“Libby didn’t plan the war,” said John Prados, a historian of national security who wrote a book in 2004 on the flawed Iraq intelligence. “But he did enable the administration to set out on that course. He was the facilitator.”

I see what's going on here , it is the Vice President's aide who is to blame for the ordeal of Iraq! It is he who gave the orders to go to war! He, and he alone, made the choices and the decisions up there on the hill, Bush and Cheney are victims of an aides misinformation. How very convenient to have such a scapegoat or as one former Cheney advisor put it: “He’s going to be the poster boy for the criminalization of politics, and he’s not even political.” We now have the "pass the buck' policy going strong on Capital Hill! It is almost funny to watch them scramble to cover their asses while they trod all over the ones who got them there in the first place! The loyalty almost makes one want to cry .Poor Libby-the new "Sacraficial Lamb" being led to slaughter by Patrick J. Fitzgerald. Special Prosecutor.

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