Jan 7, 2007

Attack of the Zombie Computers Is Growing Threat

Rick Wesson, left, is chief executive of the data-gathering company Support Intelligence; Adam Waters is chief operating officer. “We are losing this war badly,” Mr. Wesson said of the growing threat from botnets
Published: January 7, 2007
In their persistent quest to breach the Internet’s defenses, the bad guys are honing their weapons and increasing their firepower.
Tips for Protecting the Home Computer
With growing sophistication, they are taking advantage of programs that secretly install themselves on thousands or even millions of personal computers, band these computers together into an unwitting army of zombies, and use the collective power of the dragooned network to commit Internet crimes.
These systems, called botnets, are being blamed for the huge spike in spam that bedeviled the Internet in recent months, as well as fraud and data theft.

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