Jan 16, 2007

Bush's Iraq Plan Founders with Shiites

By Ivan Eland
Although President Bush’s escalation of the Iraq War has been opposed by a substantial majority of the American people, many generals, the Iraq Study Group, and most Democrats and some Republicans in Congress, the most important opposition may come from Iraqis.
One hint that the Iraqi government may not be “getting with the program” was its recent demand that the United States release five Iranian officials, captured in Iraq, who were apparently associated with an organization that provides arms to Iraqi extremists and supports attacks against U.S. forces.
Alriiighty then..Let me get this straight - We do NOT want to send more Troops to Iraq, The Iraq Study Group says do NOT send more Troops to Iraq and Iraq wants us to get the hell out of there too! Sooooo - can you tell me why the hell we are NOT Leaving? Come on Bush let's pick up our toys and go home! The President of the United States has decided that we are now a Dictatorship rather than a Democracy and "We the People" are sitting on our asses and letting him get away with this crap! As far as I can see now the sole purpose in being there is to get into position to attack Iran and Saudi Arabia - "let's make it a three-for-all"!

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