Mar 5, 2007

107 - Year Old Starts Blogging!

The story so far. Olive Riley, half way through her 107th year, started her blog, or blob as she calls it, in late Feb. 2007 with help from Mike. Olive does not see well and so Mike records her stories and types them out.
So far, as you’ll see below, Olive has flown to Brisbane where she had a swim, a shandy, and almost folied the toilet brigade, all in her first busy post. The second post found Olive working to save the lettuce man, still under threat and grateful for all support. The third post was all about teeth, her Pearlies, and the post below will make your mouth water. The comments are also worth reading. Ollie is an inspiration, it seems. Signed; Mike the helper.
Wow! What an inspiration..this lady ROCKS!

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Markk said...

Just goes to show you're never too old to blog. This grand lady should be an inspiration to others. Interesting info.

Steli Efti said...

Inspiring! 107 years old and still willing to learn! Now that´s a kick ass attitude!

Carol said...

I could't agree more Mark and Steli!