Mar 9, 2007

I Had To Buy Ink Today!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I cannot believe how much it costs for ink for my printer! I have a combination Printer/Scanner/Copier that my son bought me for Christmas (!) It goes through ink like it's water! I found a great deal on ink from Epson and I am passing it along to you just in case you hate paying full price for anything, let alone the ink to do what you need to do with your printer. They are giving you like 30% off with free shipping over $35.00!This Offer is good for Epson Canon and Brother Inkjet Cartridges:
If you're looking for a deal on some other stuff, I found this to!
This Post is based of my opinion and experience and in no way is Pay Per Post accountable for the continued discount or offer made in this post.

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