Apr 3, 2007

Is Senate Growing Balls?

It appears that the Senate is growing some balls and standing up to Bush. Better late than never!
Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid yesterday endorsed the Senate's toughest antiwar bill yet, a bid to cut off funding within a year, sending a clear signal to President Bush that the Iraq debate will continue in Congress regardless of whether he carries through on his veto threats.
Reid (Nev.) announced that he had teamed up with Sen. Russell Feingold (Wis.), one of the Democrats' strongest war critics, on legislation to set a deadline of March 31, 2008, for completing the withdrawal of combat forces and ending most military spending in Iraq.

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Markk said...

If I may ask...who would you like to see in the White House after we all say goodbye to George W Bush?

BTW, just fuel your blog.

Carol said...

well Markk,
My first choice would be Al Gore, and he may yet run. Second would be obama barack.
What about you?

Ron West said...

Seems to me that whatever Bush wants to happen, the opposite occurs.

Kudos to Reid for joining Feingold on this.



Carol said...

Hi Ron,
I think this is your first visit, or at least comment here, so welcome!
I have to disagree with you on this as far as Bush goes, it's been pretty much carte blanche for him until just lately.
Thanks for the visit and hope to hear from you often!