Dec 15, 2006

Last Updated: Dec 13th, 2006 - 22:59:55

Israel’s ill-kept secret is finally official
By Linda S. HeardOnline Journal Contributing WriterDec
Israelis are stunned. The incoming US Defense Secretary Robert Gates actually admitted their country has . . . wait for it . . . a nuclear arsenal. What a surprise! Israeli columnists are falling over themselves penning analyses as to the reasons behind Gates’ disclosure that was tantamount to pointing out a giant wart on the tip of a friend’s nose.
Ze’ev Schiff, writing in Ha’aretz, blames Gates for ending “Israel’s policy of nuclear ambiguity in one fell swoop” even though, he adds, “Washington has always supported this policy.” Naturally Schiff indulges in the fleeting thought that Gates could be shock, horror anti-Israel. After all what other reason could there be for his truth saying during his Senate confirmation hearing?
OMG!! What is wrong with this picture?? Shades of Iraq? Bush has lost his mind..(if he ever had one that is!)

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