Jan 3, 2007

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Anonymous said...

I have not forgotten 9/11 September 11th, 2001, have you? I think America has allowed the minority appeaser's to sway a majority conservative population to forget and forgive the terrorist idealist. I, like most, wished that this tragedy never happened but it did. I, like most wanted to believe that this will never happen again but it will. I would like to be like those appeasers, leftist and democrats and be living in a bubble where nothing bad will ever happen if we "just leave them/the terrorists/islamic-muslim scum alone", they will come for you breaking that very delicate bubble. You [appeasers, leftist and democrats] are the first people that islamic pigs will come for because you are the most immoral and freedom loving/abusing of all Americans. As long as you are not a muslim-islamo pig, you, your family and everything you treasure in your little bubble is doomed. This includes everyone, everywhere on the planet. Don't be fooled by "peace talks" there will be no peace until they either destroy us on our soil, or we destroy them on theirs. Roll that up in your weed, smoke it and think about it. That may be the last time you can because once to are ordered to convert to islam, you can't do all those fun things like leftist friends:

* smoke your weed
* vote democrat
* vote in general
* be gay
* be lesbian
* be happy
* talk or say anything you want
* write anything you want
* be an independent woman
* eat anything you want
* go anywhere you want
* make graffiti
* be a cat person
* be "eclectic"
* be an individual
* pray or not pray to your own God
* be black, hispanic, asian or any other minority race

You will be nothing but a part of "The Global Nation of Islam" and so will your family, friends and everyone you know. Your loyalty to the Democratic, leftist and Green parties will be your demise and unfounded. With the Republican or Conservative independent parties you can have a chance to at least be as dirty, gay and high as you want - we don't care as long as we can move forward to destroying the islamo-muslim assholes who wish to destroy all you flower sniffing, hemp wearing, freedom abusing bubbles. Join or allow us Conservatives to save your butts by wiping "them, the islamo-muslims" out so your kids can have a happy life in the woods or whatever. Happy 9/11 to you.

Carol said...

Wow! LOL..must have taken you a long time to type this well thought out and succinct response! While I will not debate the response - This is after all America! I just wondered why, after such an obviously educated response, you would decline to sign your name? Thank you for the visit ands for taking the time to rspond my friend.