Jan 3, 2007

Top Ten Things Not to Do in Iraq

By Ivan ElandDecember 19, 2006
Editor's Note:
George W. Bush seems determined to "double down" his bet on the Iraq War despite overwhelming public opposition and recommendations for a phased withdrawal from the bipartisan Iraq Study Group. Bush is now toying with the idea of adding 15,000 to 30,000 more U.S. troops, a scheme called "The Surge."
While many of Bush's neoconservative advisers are in favor, the President is running into opposition from the top Pentagon brass, including the entire Joint Chiefs of Staff, according to
a Washington Post article on Dec. 19. Clearly, however, prospects for an early end to the U.S. military occupation of Iraq continue to dim.
In this guest essay, the Independent Institute's Ivan Eland takes note of that fact and offers his Top Ten list of things not to do in Iraq:
Ever since the Iraq Study Group (ISG) issued its recommendations, the debate in Washington has swirled around what to do about the mess in Iraq. Unfortunately, both the recommendations of the study group and the contradictory inclinations of the Bush administration are “bridges to nowhere.”
Both groups are in denial about the chaos in Iraq and are not yet ready to offer the tough solutions that could stabilize the country. Perhaps they should accept the top ten things not to do in Iraq:
The term "Acceptable Losses" keeps ringing in my ears!

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