Jan 15, 2007

Blood for Face

This isn’t blood for oil; it’s blood for face. President Bush’s “new and improved“ plan for “prevailing“ in the Iraq War he started almost four years ago--to send an additional 21,500 US troops into the chaos of Baghdad and Anbar Province--turns out to be nothing more than a coward’s way of trying to avoid having to say the war has been lost.
***A November 2006 survey by WorldPublicOpinion.org revealed that 72 percent of Iraqi Shias believe the presence of U.S. occupation forces only exacerbates an already lethal situation and wants them out of their country within the year, while 91 percent of Sunnis approve of attacks on U.S. troops.
Our troops, our top military leaders, and the Iraqi people are sending a clear message. It is time to for the United States to "cut and run."***

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Casey Galatos said...

Hey carol-just checked your blog with the new template. Truly,the template color has given an amazing feel to Yr View of It. Great choice.Hope ur doing fine-Regards,Casey
P.S. I do agree with you that its high time that U.S. should 'cut & run'.

Carol said...

I think it is time to call it a day also. Glad you like the new color scheme..was just playing with the feel of it around here.