Jan 3, 2007

Bush's 'Global War on Radicals'

By Robert ParryDecember 23, 2006

The United States will never win the “war on terror,” in part, because George W. Bush keeps applying elastic definitions to the enemy, most recently expanding the conflict into a war against Muslim “radicals and extremists.”
With almost no notice in Official Washington, Bush has inserted this new standard for judging who’s an enemy as he lays the groundwork for a wider conflict in the Middle East and a potentially endless world war against many of the planet’s one billion adherents to Islam.
Indeed, it could be argued that the “war on terror” has now morphed into the “war on radicals,” allowing Bush to add the likes of Iraqi Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr and the leaders of Syria and Iran to his lengthening international enemies list.

As I read this little ditty I found I couldn't agree more! I think Mr. Bush is on a huge Power Trip that is not only going to cost thousands of lives but is going to cost this Country all credibility! Bush has either become a Megalomaniac or a nut bag!

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