Jan 12, 2007

Huffington blog aims to host Web debates in U.S. race

By Michele Gershberg
NEW YORK (Reuters) - One of the most widely read U.S. political blogs is inviting candidates for the 2008 presidential election to hold an online debate, a first that would confirm the Internet's reach and influence.
Arianna Huffington, a political commentator who has run for governor of California, said the line between established media and independent blogs would blur further as the 2008 poll neared.
Her site, the Huffington Post, has contacted Democratic and Republican party officials about organizing a debate for each side, she said in an interview.
"2008 is going to be critical in terms of the coverage of the election," Huffington said. "We are working to put together the first primary online debate among candidates and working out the logistics of how this is going to happen."
Politicians have paid close attention to the Web since Democratic party chairman Howard Dean rose from obscurity to front-runner in the last U.S. presidential primaries, largely thanks to contributions and support organized online.
Bloggers' coverage of U.S. politics has gained prominence, alongside that of well-established newspaper and television outlets, as audiences seek more unabashed discussion of everything from environmental policy to the war in Iraq.
In a more recent contest, bloggers promoting Democratic Senate challenger Ned Lamont in Connecticut were partly credited for his primary victory over incumbent Joe Lieberman last year. Lamont lost in the November general election when Lieberman ran as an independent.
My View Of It's Invitation must have got lost in my email..LOL!!

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