Jan 12, 2007

Internet should be run by key players: new ITU boss

GENEVA (Reuters) - The Internet should continue to be overseen by major agencies including ICANN and the ITU, rather than any new "superstructure", the new head of the International Telecommunications Union said on Friday.
Hamadoun Toure, who took up the reins of the United Nations agency this month, said the ITU would focus on tackling cyber-security and in narrowing the "digital divide" between rich and poor countries.
"We all must work together, each agency has its role to play. We must come to a better cooperation ... and avoid setting up a superstructure which would be very controversial and very difficult to put into effect," Toure told a news conference. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a California-based non-profit company, manages the Internet's domain-name addressing system. It reports to the U.S. Commerce Department, which last September said it would retain oversight for three more years.
Some critics say the U.S. government has too much control over ICANN, which has evolved into a crucial engine for global commerce, communications and culture. Countries such as Iran and Brazil have argued that the Internet should be managed by the United Nations or another global body.

Is it me - or is this guy holding his hand up in the universal symbol for "Loser"
Just Big Brother's long arm reaching out to touch us~What is this crap? Internet Corporation for Assigned Names? Never heard of it! Next thing I know, Big Brother is gonna reach out and touch me! I don't have an "asigned name" LMAO!

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