Jan 13, 2007


cybercasey said...
Hi Carol, a friend of mine, just passed this message across, I thought u and your readers would be interested in this anti-war petition.I've already sent my view.Subject: You Thought Iraq Could Not Get WorseDear friends,Just when we thought the war in Iraq couldn't get any worse - it has. Last night, President Bush rejected reality, spurned the American people's verdict, and announced his new policy: MILITARY ESCALATION IN IRAQ.The good news is that the newly elected United States Congress can stop this madness. We're launching an immediate campaign to let the Congress hear from global voices - placing an ad with the number of signatures to our petition in "Roll Call", an influential political paper sent to every member of the US Congress. Click below to see the ad, and sign the petition:
http://www.avaaz.org/en/iraq_campaign_jan_2007/With hope,The Avaaz.org TeamRegards,Casey

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