Jan 10, 2007

The United States Of Hysteria

Strange smells and dead birds frighten many in the age of terror
Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
Prison PlanetTuesday, January 9, 2007
Two incidents that occurred yesterday morning, dead birds in Austin Texas and a strange odor across New York, and the reaction they elicited, underscores the fact that Americans are living their lives on a day to day basis in abject fear of being a victim of a new terror attack, despite the fact that they have an equally dangerous chance of being struck by lightning. Welcome to the United States of Hysteria.
Just as New Yorkers were heading to work, a strange gas-like odor
began to permeate the air from Manhattan to northeastern New Jersey, leading many to fear a dangerous chemical had been released and a biological attack was underway.
Schools, roads and office buildings were evacuated, subway stations closed, commuter trains re-routed and 911 calls ballooned. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg called a press conference to allay fears that terrorists had struck again but simply in the act of doing so, raised the specter of 9/11 once again to remind Americans who their bosses were in times of perceived crisis.
The smell has still not yet been fully explained, allowing rumors to fly and paranoia to percolate.
More scare tactics from our government in order to "remind" us why we are in the God-awful mess we are in? Hmmmmmm!

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