Mar 12, 2007

I Want You to Meet Someone-Jonathan Phillips

Jonathan Phillips from Smart,Wealthy and
2 years after quiting my job at the telecommunication company, now i really realize that i didn’t need that in my life and that i could attract wealth, health and abundance in my life (something i wasn’t able to do while working in sales in an office with bad air cond.. that just doesn’t work for me!). And now i am working on my business(es), some are related to music, some in the fields of network marketing (, and i am also working on my online marketing and advertising campaigns, and also affiliate marketing.
So yeah, things are going well! which is the reason i wanted to put up this website! To provide people with valuable informations regarding: marketing, sales, business opportunities, advertising, network marketing, affiliate programs, health, wealth, self-improvement and others… I believe that education is something one should always try to get more of.One of my favorite quotes goes like this: You thing education is expensive? Try ignorance… (Andy McIntyre)
Here is a man that doesn't know me at all, except through our mutual love of Blogging. You know what he did for me? He fixed something that I had messed up in the HTML of my Template (!) just because he's a nice guy! Can you believe this? He didn't charge me anything, he didn't send me a bunch of links, he actually went in and did the nuts and bolts for me. How great is that! So, ladies and gentleman I offer to you one of the last of the good guys! Jonathan Phillips.
Thank You so much Jonathan! You are so cool and such a great source of support and encouragement to me.

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