Mar 16, 2007

President Bush's War of Choice

According to the Associated Press, as of Sunday, "the war in Iraq has now lasted longer than the U.S. involvement in ... World War II." At the same time, a new analysis of the readiness of Iraqi personnel by noted military scholar and former Reagan Administration official Anthony Cordesman concludes that the "public statements by the Defense Department 'severely distorted the true nature of Iraqi force development in ways that grossly exaggerate Iraqi readiness and capability to assume security tasks and replace U.S. forces.'" Cordesman also noted that "U.S. official reporting is so misleading that there is no way to determine just how serious the problem is and what resources will be required." As a result, Cordesman says the Iraqi army could need U.S. support through 2010.
With the Iraq War increasing in length with each passing day and no real leadership from the Bush Administration, America is ready for a new direction.

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