Mar 11, 2007

Todays Shout Out: The Sovereign Journey

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You know I am always looking for ways to "show off" my fellow Bloggers. with like a gazillion Sites out there it is hard to get noticed, unless of course you are one of a handful that actually know how to promote and write great stuff. I have decided to do a little daily "Shout Out" as a means to that end. The Digital Nomad wrote a comment to one of my Posts - The Patriot Act Makes Us All Terrorists that impressed me so much, I decided to make him my first "shout out" So:
The Sovereign Journey
Personal Privacy and Freedom / Sovereign Lifestyle Resources / Work and Live Where You Want
What This Blog Is and Is Not:
This blog is not about Anarchism, Posse Comitatus Groups, Survivalists, nor Conspiracy Theories. This blog is dedicated to the self-ownership concepts of Natural Law, Personal Freedom, and Self-determination. - The Digital Nomad
We now live in a world with a global economy that threatens borders and the nation-state model. Governments in general would prefer not to lose control of their borders and their citizens to more personal freedoms and the fundamental concepts of a "
Sovereign Life".

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The Digital Nomad said...

Hey Carol...what a nice surprise. You must know that I need some traffic.

I am enlisting folks for your 30,000
project. Paula Mooney (Technorati rank 3,000) has joined. Maybe she will write a post.

I also have emailed John Chow.

Be well

Carol said...

How awesome of you to let people know about our 30,000 Blogger Campaign! I'm pleased to know you and no I didn't really know that you needed some traffic, but see what writing a really thoughtful and on topic comment might get you! LOL!