Apr 21, 2007

Blogger's Code of Conduct

Now we are going to be censored by a code of conduct in the Blogosphere? Yep this is supposedly the brainchild of Tim O'Reilly and Kathy Sierra.

I think that this is just ridiculous and just another way for others to Censor that which is better left alone. Authors of Blogs have the means available to them to moderate comments and choose whether or not to allow a comment to go through.

Are we children that we need someone else to tell us how to manage our Blogs? I expect if I write a Post and it is controversial that I will have some comments that I may or may not like posted in response, it is up to me how to handle them. Yanno?

What do you think?

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Peter Haslam said...

It dosn't matter what code is established as it will be nonenforceable. That leaves it in the hands of the blogger. Just use the "No assholes" rule.

Carol said...

Hi Peter,
I couldn't agree more. I don't understand what the big issue is with these peeps. I just deal with comments as they come. So far this works fine for me.

Dave said...


Carol said...

Hi Dave - how goes it?

CoralMusic said...


I got me a badge!! It took many minutes slogging to achieve this accolade. A blogger's booklet "How to Respond" will be available shortly, for a small fee, upon request.