Apr 17, 2007

Some Pics From Back Home in New Hampshire

New Hampshire has been hit hard this past week due to a late in the season North Easter. Fortunately (or not) Southern N.H. Got mostly rain, while "up North" got snow. I am from the New Hampshire so these pictures are a little bit of home for me down here in Arizona.

Rt. 27 - Candia New Hampshire

Hampton Beach - High Tide

"Up North" in Randolph, New Hampshire (!)

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TOM said...

Great pics, I was down by the ocean on Monday and I didn't have my camera !!

Carol said...

Was it bad down there in Glosta too?

Romain Levesque said...

Gotta love those late season noreasters. I lived in CT. for 35 years,I remember those well.Nice pics Carol.
Have an awesome day!

Carol said...

Hi Romain,
How are ya? I see where you "morphed" yourself..too funny!
I do not miss that cold weather. The pics actually came from the Union Leader Newspaper.