Apr 8, 2007

Stone Hawk Drug Rehabilitation Program

More than 13 million Americans use illegal drugs, more than 2 million are known to abuse prescription drugs, 60 million are hooked on cigarettes, 33 million binge on alcohol, and 12 million are heavy drinkers according to Narcanon of Southern California . Many people will not or cannot recover from their addiction without entering some type of drug rehab.
One of the best I have seen advertised lately is Drug Rehabilitation at Stone Hawk.
Stone Hawk is unique in that it uses no drugs or other medications as treatment. They do not call their clients "patients" but rather "students"
The Program starts with Detox and ends with a long term aftercare program and doesn't require further attendance to any 12-Step Programs. Graduates of the program do not go to weekly meetings, as that would only serve as a crutch keeping them from fully recovering. As such, a graduate is not considered to be recovering, as the graduate has already fully recovered. By completing the Narconon Stone Hawk drug rehab program, students will have developed a new orientation in their lives. The premise of the treatment program employed at Stone Hawk is that students leaving the program will be able to move back into their lives with success.
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