Apr 13, 2007

Tagged Again - Obsessive Thoughts

Peter Haslam Author of Necessary Skills, has tagged me with the Meme "Obsessive Thoughts"

All of us experience troubling thoughts from time to time. We worry over our health, our finances or our relationships. This is absolutely normal and is a part of being human. Sometimes though, some of us spend an excessive amount of time rolling over again and again in our minds nagging thoughts.

I really don't have a problem with this at this point in my life. Although when I was younger I had those "tapes" that would play in my mind based on things that my parents would tell me that were so negative. I had to seek professional help to learn to cope with these thoughts and stop them.

One thing I do is to try to ask myself what positive result can I get from the disturbing thought or situation.
Recognize the intrusive thoughts as just a manifestation of old tapes or beliefs. I regard them as unreal and turn them into something positive.

Obsessive thoughts are very difficult to deal with, but you can learn to cope with them. You need to work hard at finding the good in the bad and recognizing the "false alarms" for what they really are.

I have Tagged:
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wornoutwoman said...

I will do this tonight. How did you insert links on your blog? I know how to do it on my wordpress site, but not this one.

Carol said...

email me and I will explain it to you.
Thanks for taking up the Meme.

Recidiscursive said...

A Belated Thank You, Carol! ♥

I'm already recoiling ruminatively and obsessively, hahahah :D

Better late than never, eh? :P

Wheels. . . spinning outta control! ;) You're such a wicked surrogate Mum - this is(/was) Perfect Timing [erm, "TM"? Heheheheh ;)]

Peace 'n ♥ Carol - I hope you and yours are doing awesome and that I can answer this challenge as eloquently as you did.


Carol said...

Ah Rae,
You know it isn't about that, I just know that whatever you write it will be with honesty and flair. You know I think about you so much! Let me know please when you finish so I can go and devour what you say.

Ankakay said...

Oh you can COUNT on much link-backin-age, eheheheh ;D

('bad' anxieties almost all kicked-out! :D)

*HUGS* and ♥♥♥ to You and Yours!