Apr 18, 2007

This is finally starting to piss me off!

Initially, I, like you was shocked and saddened by what happened at Virginia Tech. Now I am just starting to get pissed off.
No, not at the young man that killed himself and so many others, but by the reaction of the Politicians and the Press!

I have been reading all over the place, things like, this was another Terrorist Attack. It is the Campus Security's Fault. No it is the Teachers' fault..oh no wait a minute, it is the Counselors fault.

It isn't because someone didn't do something or because someone missed something. Sick people are very good at hiding their sickness.

It is the fault of a society that values things over human life. This is your fault and my fault, perhaps not personally, but surely..collectively.

This happened because one young man was so filled with hate and self loathing that he couldn't see any other way out and he apparently sought to take a few people with him.

I am not trying to minimize what happened. There's no way around it, a terrible, tragic and unthinkable event occurred and many young people lost their lives. My heart goes out to their families. I cannot begin to imagine the pain and suffering they are going through. How is it helping, this finger pointing and second guessing and the playing of the blame game?

Let the College Administration investigate and see where things may or may not have been done differently. Let's figure out how we can prevent this from happening again, if we actually can prevent it.

I don't think that this happened because Video Games are too violent, or because Gun Laws are too lax. Not even because this kid wrote fucked up stories in Creative Writing Class.

This happened, in my opinion, because there is some kind of soul sickness taking over. A lack of morals and value for human life. This happened because one young man was consumed with a hate and a rage that he just could not live with.

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