Apr 20, 2007

This is Just Wrong!

Soldier forced to leave dying mother for war

Commander denies Alabama man's request for extension on two-week leave

Associated Press

A Decatur soldier with five months left on his enlistment tried unsuccessfully to get an extension on his two-week leave to stay with his dying mother, who is hospitalized on life support.

Sgt. Tim Robinson requested another week in a letter faxed to his unit explaining that his mother, Kate Mae Jones, was dying of kidney and heart failure. His request included a note from his mother's doctor concerning her condition, but his commanding officer denied the extension.

As his scheduled Tuesday departure neared, he went to Redstone Arsenal to get help from the Judge Advocate General Corps but was told he had to go through the American Red Cross first. Without time to go through the proper channels, he left to return to his unit.

"It's either that or get arrested, and I don't want that, " said Robinson, 39. "I don't want to put any more stress on Mom."

The Decatur Daily reported that his 62-year-old mother, on life-support machines and unable to speak, was tearful as she watched her son leave Tuesday afternoon.

"Believe me, Mom, if it was up to me, I'd stay here, Mom," Robinson told her shortly before leaving Decatur General Hospital to catch a flight back to Iraq.

Jones has struggled with diabetes and fluid on her heart. She became seriously ill about two weeks ago, prompting Robinson to come home on emergency leave.

Robinson, who is close to retirement, serves with the military police at Camp Bucca. He said the prison is holding 15,000 prisoners and he knows the troops there need him. He also said he was not mad at the Army and that the assignment is part of the sacrifice soldiers make when they sign up.

It seems to me that the Military could have done whatever they need to do without this one Soldier there to help them do it. Can you imagine not being able to be with your Mother while she is so ill and possibly/probably dieing?

Just shows how the Military doesn't care about our Soldiers.

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