Apr 11, 2007

Tom O'Connor For President '08

I Hate Politics, So I’m Running For President
January 29th, 2007 tom o'connor
It’s coming up again, we have to make our choices, pick a party, a candidate and vote. In 2008 we will be choosing which RICH Guy/Gal will be running the country.
Maybe you have made your decision along party lines ? Maybe you claim to be independent or have ended up voting for the lesser evil. Maybe, like me, you didn’t vote at all…..the worst thing you could do. Our country, despite it’s faults, gives us a voice. I will vote in the upcoming election, I’ll be voting for myself. And I want your votes too.
I think you should go to his Site to read all that he has to say!

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Lyn said...

Yep. that is what I am talkin' about! Great commentary there!

Jeff Herz - My View of the World said...

makes me think I should throw my hat into the ring too.

What we are lacking is true leadership, it is all about raising money and cowtowing to the party extremes. No chance for the average joe or jane.

Carol said...

Lyn and Jeff...isn't it just great that this man from "Glosta" is going to put himself out there. He is just an "average Joe" too!