Apr 25, 2007

Violence, Love, and Sex

I don't usually do this, but a friend/fellow blogger emailed me this morning and asked if I would review her most recent post for her. Her blog's name is Nellioness. For Soul, For Mind, For Body. Her tag line is "This is the place to play out everything what is on the Mind… Everything what makes the Body tremble… Everything what touches the Soul…"

Usually her posts are about the good things of Love, Sex, and Soul. Her post today was about a subject that I, personally feel very strongly about. After reading the post, I sat there for a good five minutes staring at my screen. My mind felt numb as it mulled over her story.

In this day of being barraged by idiot politicians, senseless wars, crimes against humanity, and our environment, it is easy to forget about the cruel things that may be happening to our co-workers, our neighbors, or even our friends.

I would like to point your direction to her site, and ask you to give it a read. It is very relevant for the times. I would also like to ask that if you have any comments about the post, that you not only leave them on her site, but this one as well. I will post about this in the next couple of days, and I would like your input to add to the post.

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