Apr 17, 2007

What a horrible, awful, stressful and tragic day this has been

I am still in shock and disbelief over the carnage at Virginia Tech, I am quite sure I am not alone in these feelings.

It is almost unthinkable that something like this could and has happened again in this Country, or any other Country for that matter.
I can't figure it out although I have spent the day trying.
What would cause a person to go so completely insane as this poor man, 23-year-old Korean national, Cho Seung-Hui evidently did? The following may or may not come close to an explanation - if there is such a thing...

The psychology of mass murder

guys who take out a gun and try to kill as many people as possible. They're not looking for highs -- they're depressed, angry and humiliated. They tend to be rejected in some romantic relationship, or are sexually incompetent, are paranoid, and their resentment builds. They develop shooting fantasies for months or years, stockpiling dreams and ammunition. The event that finally sets them off, Welner says, is usually anticlimactic -- an argument, a small personal loss that magnifies a sense of catastrophic failure.

"But they don't 'snap,' as you so often hear people say," Welner says. "It's more like a hinge swings open, and all this anger comes out."

‘It’s about suicide’
They plan everything about the killings, he says, except how to get away.

"It's about suicide," Welner says. "It's about tying one's masculinity to destruction."

It's also rare for them to be truly psychotic, he says. Psychotics hear voices and people from outer space and talking dogs. These are shooters like Russell Weston Jr., who ran into the Capitol building and killed two police officers. He believed he was being told to do so by alien radio transmissions.

Perhaps these sorts of taxonomies are the building blocks of actual knowledge, and someday they will matter.

For now, there are no real answers, no real solace, no real consolation.

There is an On-Line Guest Book to sign for the families...click here

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Don Thieme said...

I agree, although perhaps we have been bowling for it. It was comforting, of course, to hear our president reassure us that he is unswayed in his support for second ammendment rights. Liberty and full auto for all! !

Digital Nomad said...

Sick is all I can say or think. This of course we be a trend to worry about, just like other forms of terrorism.

Box 1715 said...

It is truly a sad time for those families. My heart goes out to them.

Thanks for the link to One-Day Blog Silence. Just posted now.