Apr 23, 2007

What's Really Going on Here?

What's this guy got on Bush? Why does Bush insist on making an ass of himself for him?

"This is an honest, honorable man, in whom I have confidence," Bush said.

The president said that Gonzales' testimony before skeptical Judiciary Committee senators last week "increased my confidence" in his ability to lead the Justice Department. Separately, a White House spokeswoman said, "He's staying."Full Story"

Bush says that gonzales has the ability to "lead the Justice Department," yet it seems the guy has no memory, short or long term: Struggling to save his credibility and perhaps his job, Gonzales testified at least 45 times that he could not recall events he was asked about.

At least Goodling had the common sense to resign: Goodling is at the center of the controversy because, as the bridge between the Justice Department and the White House, she may be best suited to explain how deeply Karl Rove and other members of President Bush’s political team might have been involved in the firings. Congress also wants her to testify on Gonzales’ role in light of his shifting explanations.

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Don Thieme said...

I think that the White House is actually running scared and they probably will ease Alberto out. They do not want to make it look like the Democrats accomplished this, though, as that might embolden Dems to try for Karl or initiate impeachment.

Carol said...

Hi don,
I would tend to agree with you on this. I think Rove is going to be the next one with his head on the block and there's mumblings already to Impeach Cheney.
Thanks for your visit and your comment Don.