Apr 19, 2007

Why I am Not Joining the Technorati Link Exchange Experiment

I have been getting alot of invitations to join with the Technorati Link Exchange started by Dosh Dosh (although I did exchange links with them) I don't think that it is really beneficial for the following reasons:
1) I don't want to run the risk of being considered a Spam Blog
2) There isn't much benefit unless you are being linked to or by Sites that are relevant to you.
See: Link Exchange-the Good, the Bad and the Ugly for more information on this Topic.
3) the site and pages within your site must be quality content that people will actually want to link up to. This is one of the basic points of PageRank: Google can tell which pages and sites are authorities as they have a large number of high quality links pointing them. If your site is full of spam, or otherwise undesired content, it may be difficult to get the quality links, whether internal or external, that you need for a high PR.
I can somewhat understand the enthusiastic response, who would not be happy with hundreds of new inbound links, a major improvement in their Technorati rank? But if you think that will make you an "A-lister," think again...and again.
See a post here that talks more in length about this: All About Link Popularity

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Michael said...

Well...you are right. What can I say.
Blogging has been a diversion anyway, to learn about internet marketing.

Carol said...

Hi Michael,
It is all just one big experiment after all :)
Thanks for the visit and the comment.