May 2, 2007

Bush’s cronies are becoming synonymous with the word Corruption.

As each day passes, news reports abound with new investigations into some of President Bush’s ‘hand picked’ appointees.

In a story reported by Reuters today, it details the classic ‘wolf guarding the henhouse’ scenario. And again, the chief wolf is another of Bush’s long time political cronies from way back in the Governor Bush days.

Stuart Bowen, the US special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction, (as well as long time Bush Crony) whose office has uncovered abuse of both Iraqi and US funds, is now under investigation himself! Go figure?

Although the White House refused to give details about the allegations, it did say the complaints were filed by former and current employees of Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction or SIGIR if you prefer.

But just before you add his name to the list of other cronies that are being protected by the President, there might be hope for justice yet! Oh forget it, I just realized that the investigating committee is the poster child for irony at it’s political harshest!

Let’s see if I can explain this without confusing me, or you, or at the very least having our heads explode trying to figure it out.

The complaints against Mr. Bowen are being investigated by the integrity committee of the President’s Council on Integrity and Efficiency, or the PCIE if you will. I don’t know about you, but I just popped a vein in my left temple reading this. Somehow, I’m having a hard time swallowing the words ‘President, and Integrity, and Efficiency all in the same sentence!

Ok, now the PCIE is comprised of ‘presidentially appointed’ (notice the emphasis?) inspectors general. OK, now my ears are bleeding, because the person appointed by the PCIE to head the investigation into Bowen’s allegations is the inspector general of the Social Security Administration!

The story also goes on to explain that the integrity committee was created to investigate any allegations involving inspectors general.

Let’s piece this together before I have a stroke! The PCIE consists of appointed inspectors general to investigate any wrong doings by inspectors general!

Well, that makes one thing crystal clear. The Government wants us NUTS! Who is supposed to catch the bad guy? That’s like driving up to the carjacker’s valet service and handing them your keys!

Before my sedative kicks in, here’s some information about who the PCIE are investigating.

Stuart Bowen, a lawyer has this on his resume:
From 1994 to 2000, he held a variety of positions on Bush’s staff, when he was governor.
Served as deputy assistant to President Bush, as well as associate counsel.
Legal advisor to the Bush-Cheney transition team.

Here’s an old saying in Texas, maybe it’s in Tennessee too, “The apple never falls far from the tree.” I think we all know who the tree symbolizes!

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Leroy - GL said...

I agree with your sentiments. But should we really be suprised? Appointing cronies or "Yes" men is a common practice within any government. If there is BIG money involved or agendas to pursue, this practice will happen with any president whether their a Democrat or Republican.

America became a great nation for a variety of reasons...and Being Mr. Nice Guy is not one of them.

Carol said...

Hi Leroy,
You know you make some valid points in your comment. This country was founded but some not-so-nice guys and truthfully, who doesn't surround themselves with their "cronies"? I think that Bush takes it a bit to far and needs to learn when it's time to let go of the attachements. Thanks for the visit and your comment.