May 11, 2007

Hi Everyone

I am still here in New Hampshire. I am staying with my Neice and her family which is really nice. My great neice is just 10 and I am having a blast with her. She keeps me going. Yesterday I attended a "Push up" Concert in which she played the violin. She is quite accomplished for a fourth grader.

My personal life is a wreck and I am not sure yet where that is all going to go. Sadly, my dogs have been placed in a shelter in Arizona - a no kill shelter thank God, and I miss them so much. I think I am actually grieving the loss of them. Even as I write this, I have tears. I hate that had to happen but I had no way of bringing them here with me and my husband is such a mess now that he could not care for them.
It just sucks completely.

I guess I will have regular access to a computer now but in all honesty I am not quite able to stay focused enough just yet to Post on a regular basis. I will do my best and do what I can.

Thank Goodness for Vice, who by the way is having knee surgery according to an email I just got from him. I am sure he will be up and at it ASAP. Meanwhile send him some prayers and kind thoughts.

I hope you are all well and enjoying yourselves wherever you may be at this moment in time.

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Digital Nomad said...

Hi Carol. Hope you are OK. I think about you...send an email if you can.

Anonymous said...

Carol, I think about you a lot too. I've been crazybusy. I will email you soon. I am so sorry about the dogs. I know the people will take good care of them. You are missed.

Carol said...

Hi Digi,
I sent you an email. Hope you are doing well.

Hi Polli,
I am sure you are "crazy busy". Thanks for thinking of me and Happy Mother's Day!

bobbarama said...

Hey, Carol

Good to hear from you again. Miss you tons. Hope things get better soon for you. Take care.