May 12, 2007

Prison denies executed man’s last meal wish.

In what amounts to be a case of pettiness on the part of the Tennessee Department of Corrections, citizens have stepped in to make an executed man’s last meal wish happen.

Traditionally, a condemned person is offered a final meal of his choice. In an unusual twist to tradition, Philip Workman, a convicted murderer, turned down the offer and instead asked for a vegetarian pizza to be given to a homeless person.

Prison officials refused the request, saying “taxes are to be spent on specific things for the care of the inmates.” I know, it makes no sense to me either!

The way I look at it, a condemned man’s last wish is his last wish. Especially if it goes towards helping those in our society that need it most.

Upon hearing the news, good hearted citizens sprang into action. Nashville’s Union Rescue Mission received 170 pizzas from citizens who were irked at the Prison’s stand on the issue. Listeners of a radio station in Minnesota also ordered pizzas and had them sent to an organization for troubled youngsters.

To the Tennessee Department of Corrections, get your act together! I’m sure you’ve spent tax payer’s money in less helpful ways in the past!

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Carol said...

Maybe it's because the State got such a hard time because of the evidence in this case?

Philips conviction is based on perjury from the ONLY STATE WITNESS, nothing else. Not
only is Davis' testimony a perjury, but this perjury means that there is no witness anymore.
Nobody can say what really happened during the robbery in Memphis where Lt. Ronald
Oliver has been shot and killed (almost 20 years ago)
This mockery of justice must stop. If Philip's execution is carried out, it is an open door for
corruption everywhere in the United States

TOM said...

Carol I don't know anything about the case, but the death penalty never made sense to me. I mean honestly, some of these guys don't deserve to be killed, they should rot right where they are..and others maybe like this gentleman's case, needs to be scrutinized. I never want to be a party to putting someone to death and being wrong.

Carol said...

It's kind of a moot point as he is gone now. According to the information I read, this man was guilty of armed robbery which is bad enough but there are questions about whether or not he actually shot and killed the Policeman in this case.
While most of the people who have been put to death in this Country were guilty as charged, it seems that even one person being put to death who was innocent is one to many.
Thanks for the comment and it is always good to see you stopping by Tom.