May 29, 2007

Taking Some Time Just Kicking It

"Take time to work - it is the price of success
Take time to think - it is the source of power
Take time to play - it is the secret of perpetual youth
Take time to read - it is the fountain of wisdom
Take time to be friendly - it is the road to happiness
Take time to love and be loved - it is the nourishment of the soul
Take time to share - it is too short a life to be selfish
Take time to laugh - it is the music of the heart
Take time to dream - it is hitching your wagon to a star."

I found this surfing around and it kind of spoke to me cause that's what I seem to be doing right now, just taking some time to be.....
I am back to posting regularly now and I am happy to say that I have pretty much come to terms with where I am at in my life right now and things are much better. I feel better and am much more free and relaxed with me.
Thanks for hanging in here with me and thanks for your support and encouragement through this strange and wonderful time!

I am going to ask Vice to stick around cause I like his style.

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Beth said...

Hey Girlfriend - we are glad to see you making peace with life. It is amazing when we let things "be", we become more at peace.
Take care of you - that is most important.

We have been thinking about you, and are glad to be reading you again!

Beth and Rod

Carol said...

Hi Beth and Rod,
I can't tell you how much your encouraging words and support mean to me. Thank you so much for your friendship.