May 15, 2007

We are killing America with our easy ways, our easy life.

In the late 1700s, when our colonies were still a part of England, a professor Alexander Tyson wrote about the fall of the world's greatest nations, and here's what he had to say, "The average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been about 200 years. These nations have progressed through the following sequence:

"From bondage to spiritual faith;
From spiritual faith to great courage;
From great courage to liberty;
From liberty to abundance;
From abundance to selfishness;
From selfishness to complacency;
From complacency to apathy;
From apathy to dependency;
And from dependency back to bondage."

And where are we in America today? Slightly past complacency, in the early stages of apathy, approaching a full fledged dependency, with bondage right around the corner.

Agree? Disagree? Tell me what you think.

Source: Jerry Stewart - Vision Productions

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