May 31, 2007

Where's the Real News?

Haircuts and Gossip -- Pageant-like Presidential Election Coverage; Where's the Real News?
By Allan Uthman, Buffalo Beast

Election coverage is deplorably shallow: The media salivate over the Obama/Clinton rivalry just like they do over Paris and Nicole. Here's a look at the real news that's being overlooked in the process. Read more »

Perhaps this type of Election Coverage is simply a Political ploy to keep us from focusing on matters at hand, like this for example:

The Iraqi Hydrocarbon Law

The Hydrocarbon Law is universally detested by Iraqis and hasn't passed yet, but "tremendous" pressure is being exerted on the parliament by the United States and the International Monetary Fund, the mother of all loan sharks.

We the Sheeple are so easily manipulated by the Media that we no longer even think about what we see, hear and read. We take everything at face value and that my friends is another reason that this Country is in the shape it's in. Most of us don't have an idea in hell about what's really going on behind the scenes in Washington and what the real motivation is for the powers that be. We simply eat up the shit that we are being spoon fed daily.

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Dave said...

This is sadly true.

Did you see Al Gore on The Daily Show last night by any chance? Was awesome.

Carol said...

Hi Dave,
Good to see you. Nope I didn't get to see it. I will try to Google and see if I can find it. Thanks for stopping by.