Jun 23, 2007

23 Days Left to Save the Internet

Freedom links for this week all center around the issues of "Net Neutrality" (also "network neutrality", "Internet neutrality" or "NN").
Whether you are a serious blogger, have an online business, or are just a casual user of email to keep abreast of friends and family, you should be seriously concerned about government action (or inaction) that will ultimately equate to more eroding freedoms.
The issues are pretty cut and dry.Network operators (phone and cable companies) want to charge content providers for enhanced IP services.
Net Neutrality supporters (which should include you) want to keep from making the Internet the personal playground of big business.
For highlights from the last year or so go to Net Neutrality Showdown at CNet.com.

Please Visit The Sovereign Journey to read the full story on this troubling issue and to get links so you can join in the activism to put a stop to this infringement!

Click Here

Thanks to Digital Nomad for bringing this to my attention!

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Digital Nomad said...

Thanks Carol. I sometimes wonder if it is worth the effort.

Most people really do not care until it is too late.

Carol said...

I agree with you Michael. We have become so apathetic that it takes an earthquake to get us off our butts!

Zubli Zainordin said...

I wonder if this move has nothing to do with money earned and some authority not getting a cut in it.

Carol said...

Hi Zubli,
I wouldn't doubt that a bit! I hope you will click the link and take action!

Colin said...

Hi Carol,
Thanks for directing me to this one.

Apathy is rife, until something interferes with everyday lives, but then it is too late.

I clicked the link and got the code :o)
Little by little they are eroding our freedom and they have been muting this idea of 'paying' for the internet for some time. Hang on just a moment..we do pay for the internet through our ISP's and they do very nicely out of it too.

What they don't like is that it is the one place where people frome all around the world can unite with one voice, and also speak freely....they want to dictate terms on that too.....NO!