Jun 11, 2007

Dictator Bush

It appears that I have been wrong all along about Bush. At first I thought he was just a Republican President, then I began to think that the United States was no longer a Democracy but leaning more towards a more Capitalistic Government but after reading the following quotes today I conclude that we are now living in more of a Dictatorship. I realize that in a true Dictatorship the "Leader" is not one that was elected as Bush was but many of the characteristics are the same, or is it just me?
Perhaps we should say "Hail to the King" instead of "Hello, Mr. President."

He dismissed a planned Senate vote against Attorney General Alberto Gonzales as purely political, and said it would have “no bearing” on Gonzales’ fate. “I’ll make the determination as to whether he’s effective,” Bush said.

“They can have their votes of no-confidence but it’s not going to make the determination about who serves in my government,” Bush said.

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One Wacky Mom said...

BRILLIANT POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would agree darling...he's amazing isn't he? And pray tell what will our Senators do? Hmmmm. Me thinks they will do nothing!

Open Eyes Blinded By The Knowledge Of All That Is said...

LOL, I wrote a post on this earlier today.... All Hail King George.... (whatever)