Jun 29, 2007

I am a little bit addicted to blogging and a lot addicted to coffee!

66%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

And a LOT addicted to coffee!!

How did you do??

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insanity-suits-me said...

56% addicted to blogging
81% coffee
that was fun! Do you mind if I use it on my blog?

Anonymous said...

Your site has won a Blog of the Day Award (BOTDA)

Award Code

Thank you,

famous quotes

Carol said...

Hi Dawn,
Of course you can use those quizzes on your Blog - glad you had fun with it.

Carol said...

Hello Famous Quotations,
Nice to meet you. I am so thrilled that you gave me this Blog of the Day Award. Thank you so much!

insanity-suits-me (Dawn) said...

Thanks Carol! I signed up for Smorty from your link and did my first post...still waiting for approval. Thanks for the tip!

Carol said...

Hi Dawn,
that's great and thanks. Listen they don't pay much but they pay right away. I hope that you find them to your liking. I think they are pretty good although right now not alot of opportunities available.
Have fun with it!

TOM said...

67% addicted to blogging and 65% to coffee..I think it's a little low on bot counts. HI CAROL !!

Carol said...

Hey Tom,
How goes it? I think in your case it may be a bit low on at least one count :::wink:::