Jul 31, 2007

Can religion be blamed for war?

By Mike Wooldridge
BBC World Affairs Correspondent

Are religion and religious differences to blame for war and conflict? Many war leaders have claimed to have God on their side, but should religion get the blame? A "War Audit" commissioned for the BBC programme "What the World Thinks of God" investigates the links between war and religion through the ages. It was carried out by researchers at the Department of Peace Studies at Bradford University.

Read: Can religion be blamed for war?

Osama Bin Laden portrays his terror network as a religious duty. It is much more about his opposition to the political order in Arab countries and the presence of US forces in Muslim nations.
So then, does this qualify as a Religious War?
I think this War is to secure oil fields, it was was never about winning "the war against terrorists" - it is about oil and empire or money and power if you will.

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