Jul 2, 2007

I Wish He'd Get His Head Out of His Ass!

'No modern president has seen such a sustained rejection;'
Kissinger: Bush 'at peace with himself'
John ByrnePublished: Monday July 2, 2007

"Not generally known for intellectual curiosity, (No Shit?) He is trying to figure out why everyone hates America - or is it just me they hate he asks! Jesus, Get your head out of your ass you idiot! We hate you because you are a lieing, narcissistic,Constitution Hating megalomaniac!

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There is no one true righteousness. There is no single truth. No one can understand all of the world and its activities, and in fact, no one acting on the public stage really and truly understands what the mid- and long-term effects of his or her actions might be. The narcissists (by definition) isolate themselves and so they lose the benefit of productive discussion, discussion which might easily avoid the kinds of consequences now raining down on us from Bush & Co.

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