Jul 26, 2007

Security Subgroup to Be Set Up With Iran, Iraq

The United States, Iran and Iraq have agreed to set up a Security Sub Comittee to carry forward talks about how to restore Iraq. Apparently these rivals blame each other for fueling terrorism. Underscoring tensions between Iran and the U.S.,

Crocker reiterated accusations that Iran is fuelling the violence in Iraq by arming and training Shiite militias. He warned no progress could be made unless Iran changes its ways.
Iranian Ambassador Hassan Kazemi Qomi countered that Tehran was helping Iraq deal with the security situation but Iraqis were "victimized by terror and the presence of foreign forces" on their territory.

The meeting was opened by Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, who warned that militants from Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups in Iraq were fleeing and finding refuge elsewhere.

Source: TheStar.com

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