Aug 28, 2007

Big Dreams

I was thinking that a Conservatory would be a great addition to any home. My family is making some Home improvements and I came across this Site. Unfortunately it is in the UK. It is called
Anglian Home Improvements.
I like the philosophy of this Comapny and wish that American Companies would take the lead from them.
For example: We get to really understand the needs of each and every customer so that the improvements we make perfectly complement your home.And then there's the quality. The quality of our products. The quality of our people. And the unbeatable quality of our service.
When is the last time you heard an American Company use this kind of motto in their approach?
Anyway if you are looking for some inspiration and ideas this is a good place to browse through at your leisure.
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1 comment:

Anon-Paranoid said...

Unfortunately truth in advertising has died in America. It's good too see that it still exists elsewhere.

God Bless.