Aug 17, 2007

Bush: Clear and Present Danger

George W. Bush, the out-of-control despot who thinks the Presidency of the United States is a license to lie at will, wage war on a whim and break the law without recrimination.
The Bush administration has a deep, profound and uncompromised contempt for democracy, for the rule of law, and for the US Constitution. George W. Bush has gone on the record (twice) as saying he has nothing against dictatorship, as long as he can be dictator, it is a clear and present policy statement.
Do you really believe that he will walk quietly away from power?
He has the motivation, the money and the method to stay in Office - So why wouldn't he?
The real question is not how or when he might do it. It's how, realistically, we can stop him.
Bush created this neat little package that gives him a veritable arsenal of strategy to keep himself in the White House...indefenitely!
This little caveat seals our fate:
"Continuity of Government," or "COG," means a coordinated effort within the Federal Government's executive branch to ensure that National Essential Functions continue to be performed during a Catastrophic Emergency;
So lest you think that we may be rid of this Administration come November, you best think again.
Consider this; George Bush is that narcissistic, that desperate, and yes, that sociopathic as well.

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1 comment:

Anon-Paranoid said...

I've already blogged on this in one of my past postings. Don't ask which one as even I can't remember.

I guess thats what comes with old age.

God Bless.