Aug 22, 2007

If the Democrats Want to Lose

Far from the high hopes of last November, congressional Democrats are in disarray and retreat. Their leaders have repeated many of the same mistakes of 2002, surrendering both on George W. Bush's demands for more "war on terror" powers and blank checks for the Iraq War.
The hard truth for Democrats is that the political dynamics of Washington have changed little over the past five years -- and that reality could undermine their chances in Election 2008.
For the full story of the congressional Democratic folly, go to

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fauzirassull said...

Oh well, this blog is interesting.. Hahaha. Keep it up ;-)

fauzi rassull

Casey Galatos said...

Hey Carol, thanks for telling me about Cre8atbuzz -- I don't really like the black background. Keep the old one. :)

Anon-Paranoid said...

If they really don't care about winning back the 3 branches of Government than just keep still and don't attempt to impeach the criminal regime we now have.

After all there will be no elections since he will never willingly give up the power he now has.

We no longer have a representative government so they might as well resign and go home. Their no longer needed.

God Bless.