Aug 29, 2007

If Everyone Cared - Nickelback

"If Everyone Cared" is the fourth single worldwide released from Nickelback's All the Right Reasons, and the fifth and sixth single released in Australia and the U.S. respectively ("Animals" was only released in Australia and the U.S., and "Rockstar" only in the U.S.). It was released first in Australia, in November 2006. The song entered inside the Top 40 on the ARIA Singles Chart on January 7, 2007. The song was then released in most other parts of the world in the beginning of 2007. It debuted at #50 on the Billboard Hot 100 in late January 2007, and has climbed to #17. This makes All the Right Reasons the first Nickelback album to feature more than three top 20 singles in the United States. The song has reached #1 on the Billboard Hot Adult Top 40 Tracks Chart.
It was announced that 100% of all digital sales for the song will be donated to the charities of Amnesty International, and the International Children's Awareness Canada.[1] This ties into the theme of the song and video of caring about something to work towards the improvement of human civilization.

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Anon-Paranoid said...

I liked the song you had playing on the one post. I knew Lennon and Pink Floyd, however I didn't know the name of the other group.

I'll have too check them out more. Thanks again for listing them for me.

God Bless.

Carol said...

You are most welcome Anon :)