Aug 3, 2007

Lawyers, Fathers Seek to Ban Self-Proclaimed Pedophile From Community

A self-proclaimed pedophile who posted pictures of little girls to his Web site and made blood boil by insisting he was within the law to do so soon may find himself in the center of another uncomfortable dialogue: whether he will be banned from a community.
Two California lawyers on Friday were scheduled in court to seek a temporary restraining order to keep Jack McClellan away from the Santa Clarita Valley area.

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1 comment:

Becky C. said...

When I was up in Washington State this perv was up there living with his parents. It got some publicity oon the media, and to their credit, they threw him out. Sicko changed hi web server to some domain that is pedophile-friendly site in Canada(this stuff is just so sick).

I guess cos we got a constitution what this guy is doing is free speech. But if is time like this that I think it appropriate for the public to take things into their own hands, and stuff his head where the sun don't shine.