Aug 18, 2007

Lies, Lies, and More Lies

For nine months, the Bush administration went to great lengths to hide what would seem to be an innocuous secret, the fact that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was forced out of his job the day before the November election, not the day after. The significance of the secret appears to be that Rumsfeld got the ax the same day he wrote a secret memo suggesting a de-escalation of the Iraq War -- when George W. Bush already had decided to escalate. August 17, 2007

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1 comment:

Shinade said...

B******....Grrrrrrr!!!!!!! Whewwww at least I can come here and vent. I heard from bill...he said he was in Kuwait...but, who many lies!! My word Bush makes Chavez look like a saint!!! Oh too please help me...I have lost Colin...I can't find his link on my site and I want to visit...thanks for everything girl...keep up the good fight for us!!~jackie