Aug 29, 2007

Step it up Bush

The administration of President George W. Bush, which is currently spending roughly 30 million dollars a day on military operations in Iraq, has earmarked only 20 million dollars for Iraqi humanitarian needs in bilateral aid for all of 2007.
This is just another way that the Bush Administration is calling into question our national credibility and honor. Helping Iraqi refugees on a larger scale is not an embarrassing necessity. It is an opportunity to show consistency.
President Bush asserts that were we to leave Iraq we would abandon Iraqis to chaos and genocide, so then. why is our Aid to Refugees not being stepped up?

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RennyBA said...

Coming from Norway, I'll be careful on commenting on US internal politics but I do think you have a point there!

Btw: I'm here from BtFame. You are listed on my BTF post of course!

Carol said...

Hi Rennyba,
How nice of you to stop by and take the time to comment. You are most welcome to comment on anything here that interests you. How is it there in Norway? I have also met you on BTF :)

Anon-Paranoid said...

Now how can you say he's not compassionate? He's doing for Iraq just like he did for the victims of Katrina in NOLA.

Which is basically nothing. What an *sshole.

God Bless.

Carol said...

Exactly Anon!